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Google Cloud Platform Qualified Data Analyst

I am certified Google Cloud Platform Qualified Data Analyst.In this post, I am going to explain the way how to get it certified.However, this GCP exam is replaced with the new certifications by 2017.

I took couple of training sessions from Simplilearn


With this course gives me an insight and brief about

  • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
  • Google App Engine and Cloud Datastore
  • Google Platform Storage
  • Google Container Engine
  • Google Compute Engine and Networking
  • Big Data and Machine Learning

By this course got my basic understanding about Google Cloud Platform(GCP).  However, my objective is to learn BigQuery. So I need to take CPB200 which talks more about Google BigQuery.


With this course gives me a detailed understanding  about BigQuery

  • BigQuery Overview and Fundamentals
  • BigQuery Architecture
  • Transforming, Loading and Exporting Data
  • Queries and Functions
  • Query Performance and Error
  • Access Control
  • External tools and Visualisation
  • Google Analytics Premium (GAP)

This training is sufficing to get certified Google Cloud Platform Qualified Data Analyst.

Along with this course, Simplilearn is offering the voucher code to take the certification exam for free cause (For 1 attempt free, you need to repay for the retake).For more info look into Simplilearn.

Exam Outline:


The Google Cloud Platform Qualified Data Analyst exam is intended for Data Analysts and Data Scientists responsible for:

  • Analyzing and visualizing big data
  • Implementing cloud-based big data solutions
  • Deploying or migrating big data applications to the public cloud
  • Implementing and maintaining large-scale data storage environments
  • Transforming/processing big data

About the exam

The Google Cloud Platform Qualified Data Analyst exam is a combination of multiple-choice, multiple-response, and true/false questions.

Skills Tested

The Google Cloud Platform Qualified Data Analyst exam tests candidates in the following skill areas:

BigQuery Fundamentals

  • Jobs
  • Loading data
  • Exporting data
  • Data compression
  • Supported data formats
  • Access control lists
  • Supported data types
  • Schema and table structure
  • Views
  • Join types

BigQuery Product Overview

  • BigQuery use cases
  • Advantages of BigQuery over other storage and analytics products
  • Integrating BigQuery with other Google Cloud Platform products
  • Architecture of BigQuery
  • Columnar versus row-based data

BigQuery Queries

  • Methods of running queries
  • Querying nested, repeated, and nested repeated data
  • Evaluating and improving query performance
  • Using Joins in BigQuery
  • Denormalizing data
  • Using GROUP and GROUP BY clauses
  • Nested queries
  • BigQuery functions
  • Using the BigQuery REST API
  • Authentication
  • Table decorators
  • Wildcards
  • Batch queries
  • Troubleshooting query errors
  • Sharding data

Assessment link:

  • select the exam
  • Schedule the exam
  • Pay for it (If you had coupon code, utilize it)

The exam can be taken both at online and offline.

Useful Links:

My Personal Tips

Sign up a google cloud account and you will get $300 to spend on Google Cloud Platform over the next 60 days.

Learn through each topic in BigQuery Documentation. Learn and practice for 120 Hrs to crack the exam.

In 2017, this exam is replaced by Google Certified Professional – Data Engineer.It also looks similar and advanced exam of Google Cloud Platform Qualified Data Analyst.

If you have any questions please comment the post or tweet to aravindderajan


The content of the post is my personal experience.It’s no way related to any organization.If you found anything violating the copyright, Please write to me.
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How Google can unlock a trillion-dollar opportunity while improving search relevance

Google ‘s New threat to Amazon


It’s every searcher’s dream to get actual answers to their search queries, instead of search results. Google can give us these “answers” now for a set of keywords called “buying keywords.” Here’s an explanation of how this change will improve the user experience and create a level playing field for product merchants in the search ecosystem. 

Keyword types

The keywords typed into [company]Google[/company] can be broadly classified into two categories:

  1. Browsing keywords (for example, “coffee maker”)
  2. Buying keywords (for example, “best coffee makers,” “coffee maker reviews,” “Cuisinart DCC-1200,” etc.

A person’s intent cannot be clearly defined when he searches using a browsing keyword. When he types “coffee maker” into Google, we can’t know for certain whether he is in casual browsing mode, researching mode or buying mode.

However, when the person submits a buying keyword to the search, he is at the near end of the purchase funnel. People…

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5 ways big data is going to blow your mind and change your world


Some people say big data is wallowing in the trough of disillusionment, but that’s a limited worldview. If you only look at it like an IT issue it might be easy to see big data as little more than business intelligence on steroids. If you only see data science as a means to serving better ads, it might be easy to ask yourself what all the fuss is about.

If you’re like me, though, all you see are the bright lights ahead. They might be some sort of data nirvana, or they might be a privacy-destroying 18-wheeler bearing down on us. They might be both. But we’re going to find out, and we’re we’re going to find out sooner rather than later.

This is because there are small pockets of technologists who are letting their imaginations lead the way. In a suddenly cliché way of saying it, they’re aiming for 10x…

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Just As CEO Heins Predicted, BlackBerry World Now Plays Home To Over 100,000 Apps


BlackBerry announced earlier today that its BlackBerry World content portal has officially crossed the 100,000 app marker, and has chosen to celebrate by talking up availability of some select, high-profile apps. New Amazon Kindle, OpenTable and Wall Street Journal apps have already gone live in the market, and BlackBerry has said that eBay, Skype, Soundhound, and Viber (just to name a few) are being prepped for launches in the “coming weeks.”

If you’ll recall, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins already said in an interview with Australia’s Financial Review that he expected the company to hit that particular app milestone ahead of its U.S. Z10 launch. That makes today’s announcement not a surprise in the slightest, but it still speaks to the considerable developer traction that BlackBerry has managed to cultivate over the past few months — after all, the platform launched with some 70,000 apps this past January, so racking…

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Google’s Motorola wins patent for octagon smartphone shape


If you thought the era of silly shape patents was over, don’t hold your breath. Months after Apple (s aapl) used a patent for rounded rectangles to chase away iPad competitors, Motorola(s goog) has received a patent for an eight-sided cellphone design.

The Patent Office approved the new “invention” this week and the news was first reported on Twitter by Professor Sarah Burstein:

Burstein, who is a design patent expert at the University of Oklahoma, explained that her “rounded octagon” comment was tongue-in-cheek but confirmed that the patent had been granted and that it covers the displayed shape of a smartphone.

She added that the scope of Motorola’s design patent is more narrow than Apple’s infamous rounded rectangles patent. Here is a picture from Apple’s patent:

Rounded rectangles screenshot


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Qi Confirms Upcoming Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Accessories


It’s official: The Samsung Galaxy S4 will support Qi wireless charging but only through an optional backplate. When the Samsung Galaxy S4 launched last week, Engadget spied several Qi wireless charging accessories. This of course lead to wide-eyed speculation since Samsung had forgotten to mention this little tidbit during their elaborate dog and pony show. Thankfully Qi just took to the wires to clear the air.

From the press release,

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 uses the Qi wireless charging standard in its optional back battery cover and wireless charging pad accessories, as demonstrated at Samsung Unpacked 2013. The accessories are fully compatible with all Qi chargers and Qi-compatible phones.

No further details were given including release date and price. Still, just that little bit resolves the confusion surrounding the device.

This partnership, Samsung and Qi, comes as a bit of surprise. Samsung has long stood with Qualcomm as…

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iPhone Still Ranks Far Above Samsung Galaxy Line In Mobile Ads, Says Velti


A lot of headlines have focused on the new Galaxy S4 as a potential iPhone challenger in terms of hype and mindshare, but mobile ad firm Velti offers a different perspective in its February summary of global exchange data from its network. The company still sees iOS and iPhone dominating among mobile advertisers, despite the rising tide of Android devices.

Velti saw that 8 of 10 devices on its global ad exchange were iOS-based, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. Samsung managed to take two of the top 10 spots, but placed relatively low on the list with the Galaxy SII and Galaxy SIII at 7 and 10 respectively. The Galaxy SII is the only one to crack the top five in any region, coming in fifth overall in Europe, and while in general older phones ruled (there’s generally bound to more of them active out there)…

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iPhone App Contains Secret Game Boy Advance Emulator, Get It Before It’s Gone [Update: It’s Gone]


Update: And as expected, the app described below has now been pulled from the App Store. It actually lasted longer than I thought it would.

An iPhone app called Awesome Baby Names has a secret Game Boy Advance emulator built into it, as 9to5Mac has discovered. The emulator is easily unlocked via a simple sequence of taps (depicted below by, but if you do want to unlock it you’d better get it quick because Apple is sure to pull this one quickly.

screen-shot-2013-03-19-at-9-13-22-amThe process of unlocking the emulator is simple, but getting the ROMs and BIOS where you need them to get it up and running is a little trickier. You’ll need iTools, which lets you access your iPhone’s file directory (without jailbreaking). Once you have that, navigate to Apps in the sidebar for your connected iPhone or iOS devices, then find the “Files>Documents” directory and drop the relevant…

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